What is the MHDPro appeals procedure?

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The MHDPro appeals procedure allows you to challenge the outcomes of your online course assessment at the level of competence, if you consider that the assessment has not been carried out properly. 

You may appeal for a number of reasons:

  • The way in which the assessment was conducted
  • The adequacy of the online course, nature and comprehensiveness of the evidence when set against the required elements of the online course
  • The adequacy of opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence 

The outcomes of the appeal may be:

  • Confirmation of the original decision
  • Instructions that the competence be reassessed by the same or a different assessor
  • A judgment that the evidence presented is an adequate demonstration of competence and a recommendation that the assessment decision be reconsidered 

The appeals procedure embodies the principals of: natural justice, fairness, equity, independence, objectivity, equal opportunities, anti-racism and discrimination and a consideration of special needs. 

The appeals procedure takes into account the following steps:

  • Identify issue with assessor. If the outcome is not satisfactory then
  • Identify the issue with the MHDPro Internal Quality Assurer by raising a ticket here
  • If the outcome is not satisfactory, then a final appeal can be made directly to our Director of Quality Assurance here. Our Director of Quality Assurance will make arrangements for the appeal to be heard by an independent panel
  • All decisions by the independent panel are final


  • A judgement by the assessor will be made within 5 working days
  • If the appeal is passed to the Internal Quality Assurer, a judgement will be made within 5 working days
  • If an appeal is passed to our Director of Quality Assurance, a judgement will be made within 5 working days
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