What is the MHDPro Equality and Diversity Procedure?

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MHDPro is an online continual professional development website that uses website logic to ensure users enter the required evidence correctly and due to this fact our website users are afforded physical anonymity. If your online course is randomly selected for a manual audit, our assessors and IQAs will be unaware of any physical or mental abilities or disabilities that you may have, thus making their decisions free from any bias, discrimination or stereotyping.

If you feel that you have an equality or diversity impairment that prevents you from accessing the objectives of your online hairdressing or barbering course, please submit a ticket through our help centre for the attention of our Director of Quality Assurance.

Our Director of Quality Assurance will ensure that reasonable support, adjustments or access arrangements will be provided to help disclosed equality or diversity impairments where possible. Reasonable support, adjustments or access arrangements do not include changes to the website courses, its resources or the functions of the website code.

The reasonable support or access arrangements must be agreed before the purchase or the online course in question. MHD Productions Ltd acknowledges that a reasonable adjustment can be unique to the individual in question.

Whether an adjustment will be considered reasonable will depend on a number of factors which will include but are not limited to:

  • The needs of the website users
  • The effectiveness of the adjustment
  • The cost of the adjustment
  • The likely impact of the adjustment upon other website users

An adjustment will not be approved if it:

  • Involves unreasonable cost to MHD Productions Ltd
  • Involves unreasonable timeframes; or
  • Affects the security and integrity of the evidence provided

This is because the adjustment is not “reasonable”.

In most cases it will not be reasonable for adjustments to be made to the objectives of your online course if the disclosed impairment prevents you from:

  • Providing hairdressing and barbering services to clients
  • Practicing the techniques demonstrated in each lesson and preparing your own evidence on a training head purchased by yourself or on one of your own live models.
  • Accessing the internet, the website, streaming of the online course, downloading the support resources and uploading your evidence
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