How do I complete my online course?

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Before you start your course, you must enter your goals. Write a statement of at least 50 words explaining what you hope to achieve from your course. Once that’s complete you are ready to get started!


Your course is designed to build your skills as you progress through each lesson. We strongly recommend that you work through each lesson in order and to not jump ahead. 

Use our See-Do-Stop-Check method to master the techniques delivered by your lesson instructor. 

Developing your skills with See-Do-Stop-Check is easier than any other learning method. You will need:

  • A suitable training head for the course you have chosen
  • Your tools and equipment
  • A computer logged into or a tablet or smartphone with the MHDPro app, designed to let you watch the videos and share photos of your work easily and quickly at your workstation.
  • Bluetooth headphones – a must to block out the world and focus on your work
  • Your MHDPro Course, including the videos and printed PDF step-by-steps and head sheets 

Once you have everything you need you are ready to start:

Step 1: Watch the video and follow along with the PDF and head sheets.

Step 2: See: Re-watch the lesson and break your learning into bite sized chunks that work for you. Watch a portion of your lesson and then pause.

Do: Practice that portion on your training head. 

Stop: Rewind and re-watch.  

Check: Check your training head. 

Once you are happy that you have correctly replicated the steps, move on to the next part of the video. 

Step 3: Repeat See-Do-Stop-Check as much as you need until you have mastered the lesson!

When you have mastered your skills, it’s time to have one final run through and take your photographic evidence of your new skills. Use the MHDPro app or a camera to take a picture of the front, back and two sides of your haircut and upload to your lesson – and you can also show your new skills to clients and colleagues by sharing the photos on social media.  


Add notes on your final look. 

If your lesson is a theory lesson, then photographic evidence is not required. Write at least 50 words in the notes section on what you have learned.


Repeat this process for each of your lessons. 

Finally, it’s time to reflect on your learning. Write at least 50 words describing what you have learned from your online course. 


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